Satellite & Terrestrial (Local) TV


Our company is making the professional design, modernization, repair and installation assembly satellite and terrestrial. Thanks to our many years of experience all the installations are made quickly and reliably. For our customers, we recommend only the best solutions, both functionally and economically. Equipment and materials which are company uses for installations, repairs, or upgrades, is always of the highest quality. We specialize in installations for both individual clients and business (houses, apartments, businesses, restaurants, as well as foreign customers – embassies, diplomats, businessmen). For all our customers we offer a free visit to offer a solution for your needs.

Satellite antenna

Terrestrial antenna

Services offered:

  • individual or community design installations
  • installation of antennas (roof, balcony, wall)
  • adjust the antenna-signal using measuring devices
  • building wiring
  • making connections and installation set-ups
  • multiroom installations
  • repair, maintenance, tuning of existing installations
  • we undertake difficult and complex installations, especially to receive programs that are not as popular such as: Asian programing
  • we are an authorized distributor of TIN (The Israel Network)

Multiroom installation


We also perform installations or connection multiroom service. It enables independent reception of different programs on multiple televisions, with payment of only one subscription. With this service, you can watch up to 4 different programs at the same time (up to 4 decoders within one subscription). Each subsequent decoder is a small additional fee, rather than another subscription.



Multiswitch installation

Moreover we offer installation with multiswitches, which allows distribution of the satellite signal receiving antenna from one to several dozen or even dozens of recipients. These solutions are used for MATV (multi-family buildings) and in buildings with higher cubic capacity (residences, hotels). With this solution, the customer receives the signal in each room TV, satellite TV and radio option, using a single cable. This system is recommended especially in apartment buildings. It’s possible to install „double” wiring when using a tuner with a recorder.

We also offer solutions for those customers who do not have permission to mount the installation on the roof or balcony. The solution for this may be the so-called Flat Satellite Antenna assembly. Below are examples of systems using a flat satellite dish.